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Mignolet needs to improve


The former Liverpool defender has heavily criticised the Belgian keeper and said that he needs to improve his performances in big games.

Mignolet joined the reds from Sunderland 14 months ago and has been under fire so far this season after letting in 9 goals in 6 premier league matches.

Speaking on Sky Sports Monday Night Football, Carragher explained: “I think the best goalkeepers who win big trophies make big saves at big moments.

“Everyone always talks about Steven Gerrard slipping and costing Liverpool the league and you can never look at one individual and one mistake, but Demba Ba still had to go through.

“You’re looking at your keeper and thinking: ‘Come on, win us the league. Make that save that’s going to be a defining moment in the season.”

Liverpool’s defence was at the center of attention last season after they conceded over 50 goals in the premier league and Carragher believes Mignolet doesn’t make enough match winning saves.

“Against Manchester City, Liverpool lost 2-1 and if he’d made the save from Negredo then that’s two points off City and another one for Liverpool.

“I think of Joe Hart. After the Chelsea game, Man City had a tough game at Everton and they won 3-2. Joe Hart had to make a save from Naismith, flicking his left hand out and that wins them the league.

“We can all talk about goalscorers, players who win the league and make a big difference, but goalkeepers make a massive difference and at those big moments you’ve got to make big saves.

“Up until now in his Liverpool career he hasn’t made those big saves. If it continues I can see Liverpool looking for another goalkeeper.”

Liverpool have also been rumoured to be interested in Victor Valdes who could sign next month as a free agent.


Written by Connor Breen

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