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Morata says why he wants to stay at Chelsea


Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata said that he never wanted to leave the club. The 25-year old scored his first goal of the season against Arsenal on Saturday.

Morata said that he was now keen to improve on his lackluster performances last season. The Spaniard said, “I could have gone back to Spain or Italy. All the people believe in me there but I want to change all the things here. I want to, not for all the haters, but for me and for Chelsea. Chelsea gave me everything in one moment that I needed and now I have a lot of time to give back all that Chelsea give me.

I am looking forward to buy a house and I can’t wait for the babies to grow up to put them into school. I am very happy. Why would I not be happy? I want to change all the thinking from the people who say I’m not. It’s the only reason I stay here. If Chelsea said you are not in our plans, I move. But if Chelsea want you, every player wants to stay.”

Chelsea’s next Premier League game is against Newcastle on Sunday.




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