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Mourinho charged by FA


More controversy is coming out of last Saturdays tie between Chelsea and Cardiff. To top of the dispute on whether Chelsea’s equalising goal should have been allowed, and Jose Mourinho accusing Cardiff City off time wasting. The FA has now decided to charge Jose Mourinho for his conduct in saturdays game.

The behaviour they were referring to, was just before Mourinho was sent to the stand by referee Anthony Taylor, for protesting about the apparent time wasting.

“I don’t know why the referee stopped me doing my work”

Mourinho had to spent the remaining 20 minutes of the game sitting with fans behind the dug outs, even though fans were happy to have Mourinho sitting with them. The feeling was not mutual in Mourinho’s mind. 

“To be with the fans was not funny. It is frustrating. You want to communicate with the players and you couldn’t do it,” Mourinho said in Dusseldorf airport ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League game against Schalke.


Steven Rout – @Steven_Rout13




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