Mourinho Slams VAR: “I’m unhappy with the VAR”

Mourinho Slams VAR: "I'm unhappy with the VAR"

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho is not pleased with the VAR’s functioning.

“I’m not happy with the penalty and I’m also not happy with the second penalty,” he told Sky Sports. “I’m unhappy with the VAR. The referee can make a mistake and give a cheap penalty. But then the VAR is there to do a job.

“In the second penalty, l am unhappy with Moss because he didn’t give the free-kick on Serge [in the build-up to the penalty award]. Then he gave a cheap penalty, a non-penalty, and in this case the VAR gave the truth.”

He spoke in the press conference after the Man United match and outlined his thoughts about Man United penalties – who have been given a great number of them.

He said: “We know that Manchester United have an incredible record this season of penalties given, so we knew that everything in the box was very dangerous for us. We had to be very, very cautious, every shot to block, we knew and were prepared to do it with hands behind the body, we knew it could happen.

“The second penalty is incredible for me. It’s a situation in the box where I feel when the VAR goes for a simulation, the player should immediately be exposed and get a yellow card, but that didn’t happen.

“So I feel really upset with these two decisions, but that’s the way it is.”

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