Home Football Napoli fans fuming at Sarri ahead of crucial tie with Juventus

Napoli fans fuming at Sarri ahead of crucial tie with Juventus

Napoli fans fuming at Sarri ahead of crucial tie with Juventus

Sarri used to be Napoli’s former coach before he left to coach Chelsea. When he came back, he joined as Juve boss – which irked Napoli fans to a great extent. And ahead of their clash on Monday, fans have spoken out.

Juventus will be facing Napoli this Monday and the Juve team will be traveling to San Paolo – Napoli’s home ground – for an away game. And of course, they won’t be well greeted and we all know why: Maurizio Sarri.

A banner on social media reads: “Sarri, hunchback b*stard. You said a lot about Juve but then you dropped your pants!”

“It is a special game for me, but we mustn’t spend too much energy on personal issues and focus on the collective,” he declared in his pre-match press conference.

“We have a very important match to play. If the fans did jeer me, I would consider that a show of affection. They were unfair to do that to Higuain, though.

“If Higuain plays tomorrow or not is purely a tactical consideration and has nothing to do with the atmosphere.”

It is true that Napoli haven’t been performing so well since Sarri took their leave for Chelsea. Juventus has been at the top position in the Serie A table and Inter Milan is currently second in line behind them.

“Their current position in the table is strange because they are the best in many aspects,” Sarri said.

“Looking at the statistics, you feel they are destined to climb back up quickly.

“I know only too well what motivation they will have going into this game. Napoli are changing, Gennaro Gattuso likes to bring solidity to his teams and it looks as if he is achieving that intent here.”

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