Neymar throws another fit – tells team-mates he wants Barcelona return

Neymar throws another fit - tells team-mates he wants Barcelona return

Seriously, how did this toddler become a professional footballer?

In what has become the most melodramatic and boring story of football, Neymar has once again reportedly told his team-mates he wants to return to Barcelona.

Here is a quick recap

Barcelona signe Neymar. He becomes popular playing alongside Messi and succeeding. He wants fame for himself alone and so despite everyone saying otherwise he joins a new unproven project at PSG. The money and perks are blinding, which he claims had nothing to do with anything. Sure we believe you.

He joins PSG. He fails despite scoring free goals in a league which is considered the weakest amongst Europe’s top leagues. His failure is mainly his lack of ambition, seriousness, not winning European silverware, being injured for not taking care of his body, missing matches, attending parties.

He starts realising his mistake and like a child wants his candy back. So he throws a fit about returning to Barcelona. When he realises it wont happen. he pretends to commit to PSG as he helps them in 20 matches before getting injured again. Bad luck, sure.

Now he has reportedlty told his team-mates again that he wants to go back to Nou Camp with the transfer window approaching.

We know there are so many things to say about a player who does not deserve to be called a professional football, but alas, he is one. Long live Neymar’s tantrums – that is all he will be remembered for.

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