Niall Quinn: Leicester have lost their soul!

Nial Quinn believes Leicester City have lost their soul, after the dismissal of Claudio Raneri.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Quinn said:

“Claudio Ranieri was the man who didn’t just keep his head when all around were losing theirs last season, he was the one who kept smiling. He bought pizzas. He flew home to his mother in Italy. He turned the careers of journeymen players into million-pound concerns.

By sacking Ranieri, Leicester City’s directors put a fairly brutal end to the notion that all that amounted to a bond that could never be broken.

We should have seen it coming but we thought that Leicester were different.

In the past few weeks at the King Power, we have seen an ugly side to football. The board issued an emphatic and well deserved vote of confidence in their manager. Those words look more hollow now than even the hardened cynics among us could have imagined.

The strangest thing is that Ranieri was sacked so soon after his team had pulled off a more-than-decent result at Sevilla.

While the team has struggled in this season’s Premier League, the adventure they have enjoyed in getting to the knock-out stages of the Champion League was their escape.

Those players who are still at Leicester face finishing the season with a different manager. It’s a no-win situation for their reputations now. If they get what people call “the new manager bounce” we are entitled to wonder why they wouldn’t up their performance out of loyalty to Ranieri.

Lest we forget, their back four, according to one of their own, was embarrassing two weeks ago. Their board have just joined them in the stockades.

We don’t know who will step into the space Ranieri leaves behind but not only will he always be haunted by the graceful Italian, he will be taking over a club that has lost its soul.”

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