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No handshakes! Just touch elbows!


Arsene Wenger has banned his players from shaking each other’s hands before training and has told them to touch elbows instead to prevent spreading virus’.

The Arsenal boss has already had; Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen, Theo Walcott, Francis Coquelin and a few members of the coaching staff suffer from said virus and he is now going to great lengths to prevent more people from suffering from the same illness.

To ensure the team are all getting on well, Arsene Wenger, had brought in the handshake before training system, but for safety measures, he has now told his players to touch elbows.

Wenger said: “We have improved the level of hygiene in the dressing room. We clean everything.

“It is funny, but shaking hands is one of the biggest thing to spread virus.”

Even though he is worried about the spreading of virus’, Arsenal will still shake hands with West Ham before their game on Saturday.


Alex William Batt


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