Owen Hargreaves: ‘Antonio Conte would LOVE this player at Chelsea!’

Owen Hargreaves thinks United star Paul Pogba is wanted by everyone in the world.

Well, Not everyone, just a lot.

Paul Pogba has come in for criticism this season for his on an off performance.

However, the former England international thinks Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester City’s bosses would love to have him at their disposal.

Hargreaves told BT Sport: “To call him a problem is ridiculous.

At Real Madrid [Zinedine] Zidane would love to have him.

“Barcelona would love to have him in their midfield.

“[Antonio] Conte would love to have him at Chelsea.

“[Pep Guardiola] would love to have him [at City].

“He’s not a £90m problem, I think he’s a £90m gift for this team.

“He’s going to be here a long time they’ve got to build around him and get the balance around him.

“I think he’s going to be a superstar, no question.”

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