Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships

Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships

Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships? Who are the past winners of the Euro’s? Have you ever wondered on which teams have won the European Championships before? well if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships.

Just a couple of months left till we kick start with the EUFA Euro Championships (Euro 2016). The Euro 2016 will be the 15th edition of the tournament which started in 1960 and was hosted by this year’s hosts France. This tournament takes place every after four years and it is the second biggest international event in the world, only the FIFA World Cup has more viewers.

Spain part of the Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships

UEFA Euro Brief History

The first edition of the Euros was in 1960 which consisted of four team’s with France as hosts four teams qualified to the competition after a small qualifying round. Due to political unrest in Europe, a number of European big team’s withdrew from the competition.

In 1980, the number of teams was expanded to eight teams which was divided into two groups and group winners went on to play in the final. In 1996, the number of teams further expanded to 16 and was hosted by England. The Upcoming Euro’s 2016 will be the biggest Euro’s ever with 24 teams contesting in the final competition out of 53 who took part in the qualifying round.

In the 14 editions played since its commencement in 1960, 9 different countries have won the prestigious trophy with Spain and England with the highest number of trophies (3 each). Apart from Germany and Spain, France is the only team to have won the competition more than once. Germany is also the most successful team in the Euro’s as they have appeared in six finals (three wins, three runners-up)

Past Winners of UEFA European Championship 1960-2016

Let’s now take a look at the Past winners of the Euro’s

1960Soviet Union flagSoviet Union (USSR)YugoslaviaFrance
1964SpainSpainSoviet Union (USSR)Spain
1972GermanyWest GermanySoviet Union (USSR)Belgium
1976Czech RepublicCzechoslovakiaWest GermanyYugoslavia
1980GermanyWest GermanyBelgiumItaly
1988hollandNetherlandsSoviet Union (USSR)West Germany
1992Denmark sports flagDenmarkGermanySweden
1996GermanyGermanyCzech RepublicEngland
2000FranceFranceItalyBelgium & Holland
2008spainSpainGermanyAustria & Switzerland
2012spainSpainItalyPoland & Ukraine
2016 Will found out in a couple of months.France

Read more about the Euro 2016 here UEFA European Championships.


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