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Pep Guardiola Claims Liverpool Cannot Be Competed With


Manchester City are now, a whopping 10 points behind Liverpool in the Premier League standings after the Reds’ 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal last night.

The Southampton fixture on Sunday remains a must-win for Pep Guardiola’s men if they wish to hold onto their challenge for the league title. The City boss obviously is very aware of the threat Liverpool possesses against their crown as champions of England.

While he is pleased with his side’s performance this season, he also claimed that the Anfield side might be far too good at the moment. Guardiola was quoted saying, “We did well so far. We got 44 points in the first round. If you get the same number of points in the second round, that’s 88 points. With 88 points, you are champions. You have the numbers to be champions.”

“Most of the Premier League champions in the past 20 years won it with less points. We did quite well. We did really well. But of course you have the past two games, against Crystal Palace and Leicester, and you have that sense because there are two teams there now who are better than us in the last month.”

Guardiola even went on to say that City cannot compete with Jurgen Klopp’s men, despite spending £539m since his introduction to the managerial post at Etihad.

“What can we say when Liverpool keep nine clean sheets and score a lot of goals? We cannot compete with that in terms of comparing with them. So we look at ourselves, and tomorrow against Southampton, we have to do what we do, and try to win, and when that happens, everything comes back to a normal position.”

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