Pep Guardiola Credits Liverpool For This Closely Fought Title Race

Pep Guardiola Credits Liverpool For This Closely Fought Title Race

Pep Guardiola has credited Liverpool for the closely fought Premier League title race this season.

The equation is pretty simple for Manchester City as they need to win their remaining matches to retain their title while Jurgen Klopp’s side would only hope for a miracle to happen.

At one point he Reds had looked on course to their 19th Premier League title as they had a seven points cushion over their title rivals. But a number of disappointing results handed an unlikely leverage to City who ramped up the intensity to reclaim the lead.

With Liverpool putting five past Huddersfield Town the pressure will be on City who can’t take anything for granted when they face Burnley on Sunday.

Guardiola said, “The difference between this season and last season is one reason – Liverpool.

“We did the same but Liverpool are much, much better. The other clubs are in the same level but Liverpool have improved a lot.

They have bought incredible players and been incredibly consistent, like us this season and last season.

“Now it’s who handles the pressure more, who is more stable, and thinking every single second that it doesn’t matter if you lose. You have to go and play three games to win every single game.

“It doesn’t matter what happens, the mentality is you have to score goals. Increase 157, more and more. That is all you have to do.

“We lose the game? Bad luck and next season we will be back, hopefully stronger.”

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