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Pep Guardiola Feels Goal Difference Could Play A Pivotal Role In The Premier League Title Race


Pep Guardiola believes Manchester City need to maintain a healthy goal difference as it could decide their fate in the Premier League title race.

The defending champions are scheduled to face Everton and a win over the Toffees will see them topping the Premier League table once again leapfrogging Liverpool who are currently leading the table with three points.

The current table toppers have now dropped points in consecutive matches handing a significant advantage to Manchester City. City’s championship credentials have often been questioned over a number of defeats off late but Guardiola’s side are back in the reckoning with a huge victory over Arsenal in the last match.

Guardiola said,  “The first message is to win the game and the second one is: if you can score, score, and if you can avoid conceding, do it, because maybe you could win the Premier League on goal difference.

“While we are not going to say to the guys today we have to win 25-0 – I never say that – first you have to win the game and then second try [to score], because it can happen [winning the title on goal difference].

“I’m pretty sure the winner will be [decided by] the last fixture or the last two. I’m sure of that.”


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