Pep Guardiola Hails Sergio Aguero

Pep Guardiola Hails Sergio Aguero

Pep Guardiola has insisted he likes Sergio Aguero very much and likes working with the forward.

Aguero’s future looked bleak following Guardiola’s arrival at Manchester City as the Argentine wasn’t expected to cope up with the Spanish manager’s fast possession based style.

But the 30 year old has exceeded all the expectation and has become one of Guardiola’s main potent weapons in the past couple of years. He has also forced Gabriel Jesus out of the starting lineup and has been the preferred number nine for the Sky Blues.

There have been various reports of their fractured relationship but Guardiola has refuted all the speculations. “It’s the media. I understand because sometimes he didn’t play and then people asked why he didn’t play, but he knows the reason why.

“Sometimes it was for the tactics and sometimes I wanted more, but that is my job. I have to demand the best from my players.

“But I’m happy because the Sergio I met and the Sergio I know now is the same, he’s an incredible person. He’s a guy who can talk, he’s a funny guy and he has incredible heart. I love to work with nice, nice people and he’s one of the nicest players I’ve ever worked with in my career.

“Sometimes you need more time to understand it and sometimes the team, not just one player, has to understand it. But Sergio was so open to doing it because I know he is so happy here. He loves playing at Man City.”

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