Pep Guardiola not worried by Anfield record

Pep Guardiola not worried by Anfield record

Pep Guardiola has said that he is not daunted by Manchester City’s poor record at Anfield.

“Regarding statistics, I don’t believe much in that kind of thing,” he said.

“Statistics are OK but I’m thinking of what we have to do to beat them.”

Asked if this was the most exciting rivalry in Europe, Guardiola said: “I don’t know. Barcelona-Madrid is always incredible.

“It is two teams who made incredible seasons in the past two seasons. When we won the league by a big margin, they got to the final of the Champions League. Both teams have been incredibly consistent for the past 24 months.”

“It is the people in the media who say we are outsiders or not, or we are the underdog or not.

“I never went into one game feeling like an outsider or that I am not going to win the game. I never felt that. Never. I am not going to take a bus to Anfield on Sunday thinking I am going to lose the game.”

Klopp also said that he does not like City much for obvious reasons but is definitely full of respect for them.

The German said: “I don’t think about the City team of the last few years, I think about the City team of the moment, and that’s good enough for a proper game.

“The character of the team and the manager is pretty good, but the combination of speed and technique is always impressive in football.”

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