Pep wants team to turn attention on Aston Villa after Real Madrid victory high

Pep wants team to turn attention on Aston Villa after Real Madrid victory high

Pep Guardiola has called upon his team to forget about the high experienced after beating Real Madrid.

Instead, he wants players to turn their attention on the upcoming Aston Villa clash in the Carabao Cup final on Sunday.

He said: “I just know how difficult it is to reach the final. We’ve done really well to reach it, playing every three of four days, it’s a great achievement to get there but now we must try to win.

“The result (Madrid) has gone and now we focus on the final. For us it’s better, much better to go to play a final after a good result in Madrid. But we can’t go into the final thinking about that.

“I’m pretty sure the City fans will remember, we are going to play the Carabao Cup, since the first one we played in, we’ve played in 11 competitions and if we win, it will be the eighth that we have won.

“That’s incredible. It would be six (trophies) in a row, there are no words to express my gratitude because it’s so difficult to do that, to maintain that. It’s massive to do that.”

Aymeric Laporte is out of the Aston Villa match due to the hamstring injury he got while playing in Spain. But Pep backs him up still and believes he will be back soon.

He added: “It’s a hamstring injury. I don’t know if it will be three weeks or one month more or less.

“It’s tough I imagine. They have to overcome it, life is not easy, always in this world are they guys who overcome the bad moments, who don’t complain the world is against them, accept it, work harder and try to come back in the best condition possible.”

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