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Player Injuries A Big Risk Right Now – Javi Martinez

Player Injuries A Big Risk Right Now - Javi Martinez

Javi Martinez has expressed caution for players as football schedule is too tight after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bayern Munich defender is concerned about frequent injuries due to the minimal preparation time between games.

“I am a player who needs match rhythm. The dynamics of playing every few days is not ideal. We don’t have a run of training sessions to reach peak form,” Martinez told Marca. “It’s easier now to get injuries because we’ve stopped for longer than ever before and we haven’t had a normal pre-season.

“I’m doing quite well and if the coach wants me I believe I’ll be ready. And the hot weather’s coming. Tell me how you can play in Seville on July 6 or 7.”

The season usually wraps up by the first week of June and the next two months are usually spent escaping the summer heat. Now, games are scheduled to go ahead at least until July to finish all matches of the 2019/20 season. Martinez’s sympathy is for the players in Spain where the temperature really soares during this time of the year.

Even playing without a crowd is unusual for players as Martinez said, “I don’t like it. I am very passionate. I need to be yelled at, even if it’s to tell me everything. To go to the pitches of Betis or the Bernabeu and have a thousand people telling you about everything. That motivates me. My soul fell to my feet when I arrived at Dortmund and saw five people there with their bikes. But I understand that it was necessary to continue.”

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