Pochettino says that the fans have reason to smile

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has said that the spurs fans should not be sad as the club has a bright future ahead. Spurs made history by not signing a single player this summer. They are the first club to not sign a single player on the summer transfer window.

Pochettino said, “It’s about being competitive, and a new season. We were of course working and trying to add and improve our squad. “But this was not possible, and we are happy with the squad that we have. We cannot complain and we trust in the players we have. We are going to be competitive.

Pochettino  said that club chairman Daniel Levy hould be praised for being brave in keeping Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen. He said, “What it means to be brave is to keep your best players, which is so important. For example, [to keep] Harry Kane – that is a massive effort by the club, and that is to be brave. To keep your best players, your manager, to keep believing in your squad and academy… or to build a new stadium that cost £1bn. In that period only, if you are brave enough, can you do this. Of course, football is about winning games, and we are going to try to do this.

But we need to understand that the reality of our club is completely different to another, and people need to understand and give to the club the credit it deserves – being competitive in a very tough period for the team.”

Regarding winning silverware, Pochettino said, “It is always in our dream to win, and you need to dream of bigger things. Of course, winning trophies is in our mind and then the reality puts you in a place you deserve. But for me, Tottenham has a fantastic future as in a few months, we will have a new stadium and a new training ground, plus an amazing coaching staff. I want to see in the players the commitment like it was in the last four years. There is no reason to be sad as we will arrive.”

Tottenham begin their Premier League campaign against Newcastle United today.

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