Most expensive PL clubs : Valuation of 20 Premier League clubs list

Most expensive PL clubs Net value rich list

Most expensive PL clubs? Who are the Most expensive PL clubs in the 2019-20 league. The Premier League is known for its pace and power but it is also known as the most exciting league in the world and all these rich clubs play there. Most expensive PL clubs play in the top division.

Most expensive PL clubs

Who are the Most expensive PL clubs? The likes of Manchester United and Arsenal have been popular since age old time and Liverpool the sleeping giant from the late 1980s have woken up again.

Roman’s money at Chelsea has seen them become a huge club and his success blueprint saw the Arab money being invested in Manchester City.

Tottenham Hotspur have been brilliant on a low budget by producing world class players and the likes of Wolves and Leicester have consistently punched above their weight with the Foxes winning the Premier League itself a few years ago!

Let us check a few teams from the Premier League and how they are doing in terms of valuation and net worth to find out Most expensive PL clubs!

Current Table PositionClubCurrent Team ValueEstimated Net Worth
2Manchester City€1.28B$2.7B
4Leicester City€410.25MN/A
9Tottenham Hotspur€984.00M$1.6B
12Manchester United€753.25M$3.8B
11Wolverhampton Wanderers€333.75MN/A
8West Ham United€348.75M$616M
19Norwich City€121.60M$30M
13Sheffield United€91.45M$260M
15Aston Villa€191.00MN/A
16Newcastle United€273.58M$381M
10AFC Bournemouth€334.25MN/A
14Brighton and Hove Albion€219.60MN/A
6Crystal Palace€236.55MN/A

The Big Six

Manchester United:

The Red Devils  were the biggest club in the world until recently. Their rise to fame was in correlation with the rise of modern day mainstream media and online marketing. The concept of merchandising and branding a footballer began with one particular star of their own in the form of David Beckham.

Tagged along with unprecedented success for the club under the stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson where they won silverware for over two decades regularly, United had become a major major brand.

The following years post the departure of Beckham saw the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo alongside other stars like Wayne Rooney and most lately Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

However the team is fast losing ground and ever since the retirement of Sir Alex, United have struggled on the pitch. It has resulted in a direct way on the value of the club as they are now no longer associated with regular trophies or silverware.

Big players have refused to join the club and United although still are one of the biggest players in the market and the biggest in the Premier League, they have lost great value from before and are on the way down.

Manchester City:

To make matters worse for United, their noisy neighbors City have been snapped up Arab owners. The oil money has flooded in from the Middle East and it has seen the club change holistically overnight.

They have signed the best players, restructured the academy into one of the finest in the country and have brought in the world’s best coach in Pep Guardiola.

City were bought a decade back and were already on their way up having won two league titles in seven years but the arrival of Pep has doubled their success rate and given them a blueprint for success.

City are now favourites in Europe for big trophies and their fast growing fan base and revenue backed by investment from oil money mean that City are here to stay and wipe out the rest if they can.


The Reds had become giants of the yesteryear until very recently. They were one of England’s most successful clubs having been taken off the perch by Sir Alex’s United.

Their great success in the 1970s and 80s had been replaced by mediocre cup teams who shined in patches and barring the brilliance of Gerrard and his Champions League win for Liverpool in 2005, the Reds were a sleeping giant.

However, enter Klopp four years ago and withing 2 seasons he had galvanised the players, the club and Anfield itself. Once again, given an identity of football, Liverpool made fast ground and became Champions of Europe earlier this summer.

They are now  favourites to challenge City at the helm and win the Premier League this season. Klopp’s revolution has been fast tracked by some star players like Salah and Van Dijk who have taken the club back to the top.

The sleeping fans of Liverpool are now again up and roaring and we can soon expect the club to win the much coveted Premier League trophy again.


The Blues had won one Premier League in fifty years until Roman came. The Russian oligarch’s investment revolutionized the Bridge and they are the most successful English club of in the last 15 years in football. Having produced legends who came from different parts of the world, the Blues have also established a variety of fan bases across the world.

They seem out of order earlier this summer with their best player Hazard leaving but the return of Stamford Bridge legend Frank Lampard as coach has seen the team reinvigorate themselves as they try to take a different path to success again.


The Gunners were given an identity by one Arsene Wenger as one of the fanciest teams in Europe but as years travelled by Wenger had to manage finances more than the team and the result was evident with the club losing ground at the top.

They still have a devoted, particular fan base who remain loyal to the Gunners base and will want to see their club at the top again.

Tottenham Hotspur:

The Lilywhites were no where in the picture until Pochettino came through. They are now a serious contender for silverware in England and Europe and having signed stars like Lloris, Son and Lucas, have a wide fan base and are a fast growing club. Their move to the new stadium was testimony to the success they are enjoying recently.


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