Premier League clubs shirt sponsorship deals 2015-16 – all teams

Premier League clubs shirt sponsorship deals 2015-16

All Premier League Clubs Shirt Sponsorship Deals 2015-16

Football shirt sponsorship deals in the Premier League? Top football shirt sponsorship deals? Which are the biggest football shirt sponsorship deals in the Premier League 2015/16. Here you will find the biggest football kit sponsorship deals from all the Premier League teams.

Premier League clubs shirt sponsor deals 2015-16 – All Teams

In 2013, Manchester United signed a massive sponsorship shirt deal with American car company Chevrolet worth £53 million a year which is the biggest in football history so far.

Last season Chelsea announced they signed a massive deal with Japanese Tyre company worth £40 million a year for five years which will total to £200 million in the next five years.

Arsenal also signed a £30 million deal with Emirates which also included naming rights of their new stadium Highbury. These figures show just how the Premier League has become a great deal of profits and has attracted a number sponsors.

The Premier League has become so lucrative when we add all totals from the current teams in the Premier League sponsors it is adding upto £220 million a year which is by far greater than other big European leagues, for example, the Bundesliga’s 18 teams sponsorship deals is adding to £101 million a year which is half the price the Premier League is getting.

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Premier League Clubs Shirt Sponsorship Deals 2015-16

Soo, let’s now look at the Premier League club shirt sponsorship deals 2015-16 – all teams.

No Football ClubsDeal BrandYearlyContract
1Manchester United Club Shirt Sponsorship DealManchester UnitedChevrolet (US)£53m7 Year deal (2014-21)
2Chelsea FC Club Shirt Sponsorship DealChelsea FCYokohama (Japan)£40m5 Year deal (2015-20)
3Arsenal FC Club Shirt Sponsorship DealArsenal FCFly Emirates (UAE)£30m5 year deal (2014-19)
4Liverpool FC Club Shirt Sponsorship DealLiverpool FCStandard Chartered£25m3 year deal (2013-16)
5Manchester City Club Shirt Sponsorship DealManchester CityEtihad Airways (UAE)£20m10 year deal (2011-21)
6 TottenhamnAIA (China)£16m5 year deal (2014-19)
7 Newcastle UtdWonga (UK)£6m4 Year deal (2012-16)
8 West HamBetway (Malta)£6m2 year deal sign in 2015
9 EvertonChang Beer (Thailand)£5.3mLong Term started 2005
10 Aston VillaIntuit Quickbooks (US)£5m2 Years (2013-2015)
11 SunderlandNewDafabet (Philippines)£5m2 Year deal (2015-2017)
12 Swansea CityGWFX (Hong Kong)£4mSigned 2 year extension
Stoke City FC
Bet365 (UK)£3m3 Year deal (2012-15)
West Bromwich
TLCBET (Asia)£2.3m2 years (2015-17)
Southampton FC
Veho (UK)£1m2 Year deal (2014-16)
Leicester City
King Power (Thailand)£1mLong term deal since 2010
Crystal Palace
NewMansion (Gibraltar)£5m1 Years (2015-16)
18 (China)£1m1 Year (2015-16)
AFC Bournemouth
NewMansion (Gibraltar)£1.3mSingle Season (2015-16)
Norwich City FC
Aviva (UK)£1m4 years (2012-16)

Massive Foreign Sponsors of Premier League Clubs:

Out of the 20 Premier League teams, 14 teams have foreign sponsors from the Middle East, Asia and USA. The top 5 Premier League teams have signed the biggest deals with foreign sponsors which has led to the Premier League’s lucrativeness.

With the Premier League tv rights increasing massively and the signing of massive kit sponsorship deals, the Premier League has set new heights on other big European leagues.

Below is the sponsorship comparison’s with Europe’s top five leagues.

Shirt Sponsorship Deal Comparison of Top 5 European Leagues
Premier League £220m20£11m
Germany Bundesliga £101m18£5.6m
Spanish La liga£82m20£4.1m
French Liga 1  £70m20£3.5m
Italian Serie A £61m20£3m

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