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Premier League Current Season To Be Finished In Just 6 Weeks

Premier League Current Season To Be Finished In Just 6 Weeks

Premier League has plans to finish off the current season as quickly as possible – and that too, in just 6 weeks.

According to an exclusive report in The Telegraph, the Premier League season is set to resume on June 1st and by May 15th, the season is supposed to wrapped up and winners are supposed to be announced. However, the games shall all be played behind closed doors due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

If this happens, Liverpool can be well on its way to be crowned as the new leaders.

The new season is said to be started on August 8th, as was planned earlier. Of course, nothing has been confirmed as of now, but these are plans being made to avoid the least disruption to Premier League and start the next season on time. This could mean big for clubs, especially in terms of finances. Any form of financial underway could be solved with this solution. It’s not only the clubs and the players who are lacking money. Football powers a huge percentage of income across Europe and this could mean hope for everyone.

June 1st has been, however, set as a strong target to resume the League. Since UEFA postponed Euro 2020, this news comes with a ray of hope. The government would be placing an emergency aid crew for each team in matches on field, in case any complications come up. Stadiums and facilities will be heavily disinfected before every match and those who are sick with the virus shall not be allowed to participate in matches.

Most teams shall be facing 9 league matches and if it is completed within 6 weeks, a four-week break can be granted to the players. This will not be an easy task, for sure, but still possible.

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