Premier League Green Lighted To Return In June

Premier League Green Lighted To Return In June

The British government has given Premier League the go ahead to host football matches from 1st June.

Football in the UK has been shut down due to the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus. After 30,000 deaths in the country, it was expected that the league would have been cancelled in all divisions along with several other sporting events.

As the country has come to grips with the disease, newer timelines are being set up on when regular operations will resume. The Premier League remains keen on finishing the 2019/20 season through one way or another. That would mean hosting games in close proximity to each other and also behind closed doors. The question of neutral venues are still being considered which is against the wishes of clubs fighting relegation.

Aston Villa, Watford, Bright & Hove Albion, all feel that the loss of home advantage will play a significant part in their survival hopes. All footballers are not supportive of the decision to resume league football either. Manchester City’s Kun Aguero and Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger are two of the many who has spoken up against the rescheduling of games while public lives are still at risk.

Of course, the government’s ruling on the matter is only compliant in relation to stopping the outbreak. If they fail to control the spread between now and June 1st, games are likely to be further postponed. Bundesliga remains the first league to return to action amongst Europe’s top five.

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