Premier League to increase subs and cancel VAR to complete season

Premier League to increase subs and cancel VAR to complete season

The English Premier League has now found the latest solution to complete the currently suspended season.

Amidst fears of the novel Coronavirus, the Premier League had been suspended in the second week of March. The initial date put was at 3rd April which was then later extended till 30 April at least.

It would now seem that even a date of April 30 might not be enough as the disease has shown no signs of slowing down. So keeping mind that it might by June by the time any football can be played, the Premier League decided to find alternative solutions.

One solution found was that in two months all the remaining games would be played in 2-3 locations. This means that each team would have to play every 3rd or 4th day. In order for the Premier League to accommodate such a tight schedule, they have reportedly decided to do away with VAR.

Moreover, they have also decided to add the number of substitutes that can be used in a game in order to make sure that the teams and players are not overworked.

They do sound like good logical decisions but of course, all of it depends on if things can actually even start by June.

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