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When considering the English Premier League, Arsenal is one of the biggest teams in English football. It was mainly the 2003/2004 season that many people remember when they went for a whole year without losing in the league game and now it is famously known as "The Invincibles". Gunners won the league with players like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Robert Pires. Since then, AFC has not won the English league, but they have won 3 FA Cups, played attractive style of football and fans have witnessed many star players at Emirates Stadium. Gunners might not be among the top four clubs now, but they have several talented and well-known players in the squad. They usually play well in matches against the top teams, but in a whole season it is hard for them to be good enough compared to their rivals. Nowadays names like Mesut Özil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, would walk into almost any team in the world.

Arsenal transfer news

Arsenal transfers does not tend to be the biggest. However, when it comes to Arsenal rumours, they usually appear as stakeholders for most players. Especially when it comes to La Liga stars or players from French Ligue 1. They have also become a playable destination for some players from the German league and they also have a good mix of young and talented British core. As we mentioned earlier, one usually includes - which player the club buys, but it has not always been easy to attract the biggest names. Compared to clubs like PSG or Manchester City, attracting the world's most expensive football playes is far from the reach. However, it should be added that, like many other English teams, it is necessary to have strong economy like the other European top teams.

Arsenal transfer rumors

We all know how the English gossip press writes about rumours and possible transitions. Sometimes they are right but most of the times they are out of control. AFC is one of the teams that is often linked with big signings, but in conclusion, one must back when another English team succeeds in jsigning the targetted player. Sometimes, for Arsenal, it has been very successful and in recent years it has been possible to buy players like Alexis Sánchez, Mesut Özil, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. Arsenal transfer rumors and Arsenal Silly Season are phrases you hear very often and it remains to be seen if you can get back to the absolute top of the English league table.

Arsenal stream

When it comes to the Arsenal live stream, there is a lot of interest in our elongated country. Interest comes from far back when Fredrik Ljungberg, among others, played in the club. Arsenal live stream online free? There are many streaming pages that show world-class football in Sweden. However, only one applies when it comes to the English big club. If you want to watch Arsenal on TV and on stream, it's Viaplay that applies in Sweden. There you can watch Gunners TV-broadcast games on the TV, computer, tablet or mobile. You can also stream when the team is playing in the Champions League or Europa League. There are also several gaming companies and betting pages with live stream where you can see other leagues. However, Premier League is exclusively on Viaplay and you can also see the English League Cup here.

Arsenal fixtures

Fixtures Arsenal? England is well known for the fact that their clubs play so many matches during a season. In addition to having full-featured fixtures in the Premier League, there are also several matches in the English League Cup and the FA Cup. Add to the Champions League squad. Plus any matches if they go and progress to the last 8, final, or semi-finals of the tournament. In the 2017/2018 season, however, one had to settle for the Europa League group game after finishing fifth place in the league table.

Arsenal match today?

Since AFC has so many matches to play per season, there's always one or two matches to see when it comes to Gunners per week. They will always play a match if you deny the summer break as no competitions take place. During the summer months, however, most pre season tournaments take place, for example the Champions Cup.

Arsenal Champions League and Europa League

Historically, the AFC has always been a team played in the Champions League. Some of the world's best football players wore the famous red-white shirt, such as Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp. The club's biggest success in Europe in recent years is considered to be the time when they played in the Champions League final against Barcelona. They ended their season as runners-up. The season 2017/2018 made it easy to play games in the Europa League. A season must not cause any major damage. However, if there is continued play in UEL next season, it may force the club to pull down on Arsenal player wages to adjust the economy.

Arsenal next game

Are you looking to know when it's time for Arsenal's next match? Then we recommend taking a look at the Premier League game show where you will find exactly all the matches.  

Arsenal lineup

The English capital club has a good mix on the squad and there are both younger and slightly older and more seasoned players. Looking at the age range in Arsenal lineup there are several talented players and one of them is Aubameyang. If you also throw an eye on the lineup, the German star Mesut Ozil, who holds a pretty free position where he can pass the ball to Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. Wenger often chooses to play 4-5-1 formation. Instead of playing two strikers up top simultaneously, the Frenchman instead only plays with a striker, something that Olivier Giroud was not a huge fan of.

Arsenal news

AFC is one of the world's largest football clubs and there is always news about the English capital club. Many fans want to know all about Arsenal wages, in fact they are among the highest wages in the Premier League. Thanks to every game in Europe, Gunners now has a lineup and starting team that is really called Duga.

Arsenal latest news

Other Arsenal news can be about anything, such as how to buy tickets, sweater or matrice and wallpaper. Click to get to the club's official storeTwitter account and web page.