Press over-react when Arsenal lose, says Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has insisted that his side will not panic after defeats despite the press blowing every loss The Gunners suffer out of proportion. 

Wenger has had a comfortable week this time around after beating Fenerbache 3-0 in the Champions League and then beating Fulham 3-1 in the Premier League.

However, things didn’t start off on the front foot for the Frenchman as Arsenal opened the new campaign with a 3-1 home defeat to Aston Villa, but the side seem to have put that result behind them.

Wenger has reiterated the need for the club to remain calm even if they do suffer defeat and he is confident that his side has what it takes to challenge for silverware.

“I feel relieved,” Wenger said after the victory at Craven Cottage. “Somebody told me yesterday that I’ve made 956 games for Arsenal. That means I care about what’s happening at this Club.

“When we had the result last week, I was of course deeply disappointed. I’m not on a personal trip anymore. I’m about doing the things well for the club I love so I’m happy that we are back on track, that’s all.

“Look we lost one game since the beginning of March. That’s why I think it was a shock. Of course the defeat was a shock because it’s the first game of the season. But still, we’ve lost one game since the beginning of March. We won in the Champions League away at Bayern. We won 3-0 at Fenerbahce.

“Being responsible in life is to do things that you think are right, it’s not to react to what people say.

“I’ve always felt that that is most important. If you always listen to what people say, you go five minutes one way and 10 minutes later you go the other way. It is like that.

“When you have responsibilities, you have just to focus on making the right decisions and if they are not right, to say ‘Sorry, I’m wrong’ and when we lose a game, I’m wrong.”

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt

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