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Pundit claims that Paul Pogba is all set to leave Manchester United


Football pundit and former Manchester United midfielder Paul Ince believes that Paul Pogba is all set to leave Old Trafford this summer.

The French superstar re-joined Manchester United for a record transfer fee after leaving the club as a teenager. However, it seems his return has not quite worked out with the player clashing with United boss Jose Mourinho on multiple occasions. Ince believes that Pogba’s continuous clash with the Portuguese coach is the reason why the French midfielder will be gone by January.

“I can see Pogba leaving in January. It’s all set up for him to go. It feels like he will be gone,” Ince told Standard Sport. “That’s a shame because he’s world class and how much of it is about his relationship with the manager? With Pogba and Mourinho it’s become Coronation Street. It’s not gone away. When that happens it affects the rest of the players.”

Ince went on to analyse that none of the top players in the club are performing up their usual standard. “Why are United getting top class players who are not performing? When you think about the way Alexis Sanchez was at Arsenal, he’s a completely different player now.”, analysed Ince.

“Pogba was outstanding at Juventus. It was a different style there and he’s suffering now. The style has to change or you have to bring in players that fit your philosophy.”

Although no one is certain of what lies in store for Manchester United and Pogba, fans will surely find it tough to disagree with his analysis of the situation here.

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