QSI’s Plans To Reduce Investment Could Cripple Paris Saint-Germain

QSI's Plans To Reduce Investment Could Cripple Paris Saint-Germain

This report might be one Paris Saint-Germain fans would want to steer clear from. The club’s head financier, Qatar Sports Investment are preparing to reduce PSG’s funding due to a lack of success over the past five years.

QSI first took over the Ligue 1 outfit in 2011 and has channelled a lot of money into the club in hopes of turning them into a superpower. Instead, the Parisians have gotten knocked out of the Champions League Round of 16s for the past three seasons in a row and are yet to progress past the Quarterfinals of the tournament.

Their success in the domestic stage has not reflected on the European tie against big guns like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. PSG are constantly mocked due to their inability to succeed despite having so much cash to throw around.

Bringing in superstars like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe was expected to guarantee more silverware but PSG has continued to fall out when it matters the most. Losing against this year’s Manchester United side, in the way they did is bound to invoke a sense of disappointment in the club’s fans and owners.

Qatar Emir has called PSG as being ‘harmful to his image’ and is looking to shift his investment elsewhere in the footballing world. Reports claimed that they were interested in overtaking AS Roma in the Serie A but the club president immediately killed the rumours.

QSI are also keen on following the FOSUN International blueprint and take on a Championship club with a large fanbase, just like the Chinese company did with Wolves.

It could be massively detrimental to PSG’s future especially with their star athletes if funds are pulled away. They built their entire identity around the idea of attracting top talent with their financial resources.

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