Real Madrid release statement regarding De Gea move

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A move for the goalkeeper to move to the Bernabeu has collapsed

Real Madrid have released a statement regarding De Gea’s proposed move to the club.

In this statement they have revealed a timeline of events and they appear to be pinning most of the blame for the collapsed move on Man United. They claim first of all that “Man United did not open negotiations until yesterday morning” and that “despite the difficulties of arranging a transfer on the last day of registration,” they agreed to initiate conversations over a deal.

They then say that the Red Devils “insisted on Keylor Navas being included in the deal” and that they then “made contact with the player’s representatives.”

Madrid then say that the two clubs reached a “rapid agreement” over the transfer of the players and that they sent their documents to Old Trafford at 1:39pm (Spanish time). United then sent their comments on the contracts “eight hours later at 9:43pm (Spanish time), including minor modifications” according to the La Liga giants and they “immediately accepted all changes.”

Madrid go on to say that after gaining both Navas and De Gea’s signatures, they sent the Red Devils the contracts at 11:32pm Spanish time and all they were waiting on were the final signed documents from United.

Real then claim that Man United “reached the final agreement with Keylor Navas at 11:53pm Spanish time.” and that United “entered the TMS data for David de Gea, not those of Keylor Navas, at 00:00 Spanish time, simultaneously referring the signed contracts to Real Madrid.”

However, when Real tried to access TMS at “00:02, it was already closed.” Finally, at “00:26 Spanish time, the computer system of FIFA TMS makes an invitation to Real Madrid to file player data for David de Gea, given that the deadline for registration in England remains open to this day.” Since they couldn’t do it, a deal couldn’t go through.

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