Home Football Real Madrid Target Raul Jimenez Confirms Exit Possibility

Real Madrid Target Raul Jimenez Confirms Exit Possibility

Real Madrid Target Raul Jimenez Confirms Exit Possibility

Raul Jimenez has given a green light to a possible Wolves exit sometime in the future.

The Wolves forward has sparked interest in Spanish side Real Madrid, and also several others including big money clubs like Manchester United and Juventus. However, in the summer, no move happened for him.

But Jimenez has still kept his position open in the case of a possible transfer.

“I was on my days off, on holiday, and every day that I woke up I was at a new club. It was just, that’s it,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m happy here and happy to stay here.

“You always have to keep doors open for everything but never lose your mind. It’s going to be like this for all the transfer windows.

“If I stay, I’m very happy and I’m going to keep playing the same. If I have to leave, well it’s going to be part of it. We are professional football players and it is part of our life.”

“I think so,” he added when questioned about the possibility of Wolves finishing in the top four someday.

“If we continue working like we are doing in the last two seasons, we did very good.

“Last season I think we deserved more. The last games we didn’t get want we want but we are a great team, a great family and if we stay together we can do it.”

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