Redknapp: ‘I know what is going on with Diego Costa’

Harry Redknapp believes that the players won’t hold any grudges toward Diego Costa

As the mainstream media continues to peddle the story that Diego Costa and Antonio Conte had a ‘bust up’ in training resulting in the Spanish forward being dropped from the game against Leicester City, we will have to endure the ‘experts’ in football giving their unwanted opinion on a subject that was proven to be fake news.

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Costa will return in Chelsea Football Clubs clash against Hull City and amid speculation of offers out of China, Harry Redknapp is one of many weighing in on the fake situation:

“His team-mates won’t get the hump with him after this supposed row involving a big-money move to China. It doesn’t work that way in football.”

“They won’t be looking at him thinking, ‘what a dirty swine’.

“More like, ‘I wish someone would offer me £30million a year!’

“So what if he had a bust-up with some of the backroom staff? He’s got much more power than the fitness coaches”

“Antonio Conte could go and get a new fitness coach tomorrow but it would be a lot harder to go out and sign a centre-forward of Costa’s quality.

“It won’t affect team morale one iota.

“There will be a few jokes going around in the dressing room and if he comes back against Hull, they will be happy because he can help them win the league.

“If not, they’ll just get on with it as at Leicester last weekend.”

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