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Referees To Punish Players Making VAR Gestures


UEFA have instructed match officials to take disciplinary actions against the players who will try to make an appeal for the Video Assistant Referee.

VAR is yet to be introduced in the Premier League but UEFA have decided to use it in the Champions League knock out phases starting from the next week. A number of Premier League managers have called on for the introduction of the technology in the English top flight but it seems they need to wait for a while.

VAR is being used in the FA Cup only in a few matches. The technology helps the on field match officials to consult with the Video assistant referee and if needed the match official can also seek help from a television set on the sidelines.

Referees chief Roberto Rosetti insists they like to ease pressure on the match officials as they will have the final call irrespective of any scenario. “Any player who shows the shape of the TV screen needs to be cautioned.

“And if they surround the referee, there must be disciplinary intervention. We want action in these situations.”

“We don’t want to re-referee the match and destroy the spirit of football with three or four interruptions every match,

“There must be clear images for clear interventions.”


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