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Reports Klopp wants Joe Hart is fake news


Once again the mainstream media has egg on its face

For a while now Klopp has been linked with Joe Hart and the runours haven’t stopped with the media flaring them up again in the past week.

Until now.

So what changed?, Klopp responded to the failstream media lies that he is seeking a new goalkeeper.

Not only that Klopp insisted he is happy with his current options at goalkeeper.

‘I am happy most of the days,’ he said.

‘One day when a goalkeeper is involved in a goal which happens quite a few times it is the life of a goalkeeper that you are the last man standing.

‘Then you are not too happy. But I am happy with our goalkeepers, yes.’

The Reds also have veteran Alex Manninger as a third-choice goalkeeper and prospect Danny Ward currently on loan with Huddersfield.

Many options.

Jurgen also says the goalkeeper position is not a problem.

‘It is how it always is in football – it is all about players,’ he said.

‘We don’t make final decisions in… I don’t know when.

‘We have these really, really good goalkeepers.

‘We have with Manninger, a wonderful professional player, in the squad which helps the squad a lot.

‘We have young players in behind including Danny Ward on loan.

‘Our situation is as good as possible.’

So no, Klopp is not actively looking for another goal keeper, the media lied.

Pay attention mainstream and blog writers, THIS is how you report the truth.


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