Revealed! How Jose Mourinho motivates his Manchester United players!

How United boss gets keeps his players going

Jose Mourinho has revealed how he motivates his players at Manchester United.

The Portuguese manager has enjoyed successful periods at Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea in the past.

And now he has revealed part of his secrets about his successes,

“I think it’s more about people’s nature,” he said.

“It’s who you are and I always felt that it was my biggest motivation. I think when you need external sources of motivation, you are not so strong as you can be.

“External sources of motivation are exactly that – external sources.

“The motivation can belong to yourself. It’s a little bit like myself as a leader.

“When I have to motivate players, the one thing is I am an extra source of motivation to a player that is already motivated.

“But when I have to motivate people that are not motivated, then I am not the extra source of motivation. I am the source of motivation and that is not enough.”

Mourinho feels as a coach he can only do so much and players cannot rely on him for motivation.

He added: “It’s about yourself. You cannot wait for other people to motivate you. You cannot wait for other people to criticise you. You have to be critical of yourself.

“You cannot be waiting for other people to praise you as maybe they will never do it. So you have to judge yourself.

“You have to analyse yourself and be introspective. You have to know when you are doing well or doing wrong and where you have to improve.

“I think it’s much more about the individual and then the people that surround us are external, extra sources of motivation.”

United return to Premier League action on Monday night when they travel to Anfield on ‘Red Monday’ to play Liverpool.


By Ben Kelly – @benkelly_10

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