Revealed: These are the two dirtiest teams in the entire Premier League

Who do you think are the two most dirtiest teams in the Premier League? think of them, now hold that thought.

Let’s take a look at the data and find out which two teams have conceded the most fouls this 2017/18 season.

Take a look at the chart below, here you will see the Premier League teams who have committed the most fouls this season.

Don’t forget – these are the sides who have conceded the most fouls…

The two top teams who have been penalized the most time are Chelsea and Manchester United.

Chelsea are top of the list, with 68 fouls, meanwhile while Jose Mourinho’s side are second, with 63.

Arsenal and Tottenham (both on 58) are down in sixth – but Manchester City (16th, with 46) and Liverpool (19th, with 42) are at the opposite end of the list.

Chelsea have conceded three red cards in the Premier League this season. Only one other team (Man City, 2) have seen red more than once.

Time to tidy it up boys lol.

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