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Rewinding The Clock On Torres


Firstly they said something in regards to his knee injury in 2009-2010

What set off this entire scene was the way that Fernando experienced several knee injuries amid 2009 and 2010 that left him on the sidelines for the most part of the season.

Guillem Balague and some other generally regarded writers, later uncovered that amid this time of time, Liverpool decided to give Fernando either false or deficient data about the progress of his injuries, the only purpose of this being that he would play more, as he was the team’s most important and consistent player then, and the one who’d been single handedly winning matches for them.

Fernando got two knee surgeries in the space of four months amid that same season, and amid his restoration process, he stretched himself as far as possible to make it to the World Cup. A couple of weeks after the fact, he got a ring from Del Bosque to go to South Africa.

Spain lost their first match against Switzerland (a match Fernando didn’t begin), which made Del Bosque re-shape his arrangements, and he included Fernando in the beginning eleven for the following diversion.

Fernando still had some pestering torment, however his craving to be fit and disposition through his restoration procedure empowered the Spain therapeutic staff to provide for him the green light to play for whatever remains of the competition. His exhibitions weren’t great and Del Bosque dropped him for Pedro.

He didn’t begin in the last, yet he played the additional time and got included in the play that prompt Iniesta’s objective.

Amid the diminishing minutes of the match, Spain cleared a ball, which made Fernando sprint through the pitch, fall and get yet an alternate terrible groin injury. Not long after that, the official blew the last whistle and Spain got to be World Champions.

Liverpool sacked Rafa Benitez and designated Roy Hodgson, however his poor run of results created the holders to sack him also and in came Kenny Dalglish. The majority of this happened between the mid year of 2010 and January 2011.

Hmm…they notice his exchange to Chelsea and the dull mystery behind of it.

On January 31th, Liverpool sold Fernando to Chelsea. He needed to leave and (in spite of what’s been said by both the club and most media outlets), Liverpool needed to offer him also.

The Liverpool medicinal staff had known for some time that Fernando’s knee was still could be better. The two surgeries he’d experienced and his surged endeavor to recoup could end up being deadly for him. Be that as it may Liverpool immovably accepted that if Chelsea were mindful of that, they may not have any desire to purchase him any longer.

The most recent day of the exchange window arrived, and despite the fact that Fernando had voiced his longing to leave around three or four prior weeks and submitted an exchange ask for not long after, Liverpool just made it known to the general public on January 29th, two days before deadline. Luis Suárez was close to signing for them and as the Fernando move was imminent, they lined up Andy Carroll as his replacement.

Torres arrived at Chelsea on the last day of the transfer window with only a few minutes to go until midnight. Journalists (such as Duncan Castles and Ben Jacobs) have stated that Fernando Torres didn’t go through a complete medical at Chelsea as the clock was ticking and he had to sign his contract ASAP. So, Liverpool didn’t tell the Blues about his condition, but Chelsea didn’t test him right away either, just concluded from very superficial scans that he was “lack of match fitness”.

a Liverpool staff member after Torres made the switch to Chelsea said: “When Fernando left Melwood that day we were conscious of the possibility that he might come back”, because they didn’t even think he’d pass the medical at Chelsea. But as there was no full medical and Chelsea never learned about his condition that day, Fernando signed for them and stayed.

He arrived at London with a shotty knee and to this day he hasn’t recovered from it. Liverpool knew this but chose to not disclose the information to Chelsea because they wanted to sell him and cash in while they could. Since then, Chelsea has found out about the problem, and hopefully has treated him accordingly. Ben Jacobs (who interviewed Rafa Benitez and talked about this situation with him), qualified Fernando’s injury as “degenerative”, and said the issue “has been apparent since before he moved from Liverpool, making that deal a fab bit of business”.

Clearly mentally and Physical Torres has burnt out, (for the time being) clearly without the mind games from Club bosses and injuries, We can only hope to see the old Torres firing into the back of the net again

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