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Romelu Lukaku: ‘Working with Thierry Henry is not easy’


Romelu Lukaku has revealed that ‘it is not easy’ having Thierry Henry as a coach with Belgium’s national side and insists that the Arsenal legend is difficult to please.

Henry, 39, joined Roberto Martinez’s coaching staff in August, while Belgium have made a great start to their World Cup qualifying campaign with three wins, 13 goals scored and none conceded.

Lukaku, 23, has admitted that the Frechman’s guidance and support has helped improve him as a player but says the two-time Premier League winner is quick and bold with his criticism to players.

“It’s not easy with him, he’s very demanding,” Lukaku told SFR Sport.

“I hadn’t experienced that before. Even when I make a good pass, if the ball bobbles a little bit, he pulls me up on it.

“I think he sees in me characteristics he also had when he was younger. That’s why he’s so intransigent with me. Thanks to him, I’m more intelligent in my movement, and so I’m caught offside less.

“He’s also teaching me things about finishing, controlling the ball and how I see the game.

“Back in the day, he made 10 assists a season, I’d like to emulate him.”

By Drew Darbyshire (@DarbySports)


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