Home Football Ronaldo Move To PSG Speculations Go Up As Juventus Exit CL

Ronaldo Move To PSG Speculations Go Up As Juventus Exit CL

Ronaldo Move To PSG Speculations Go Up As Juventus Exit CL

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to PSG is under more speculation that ever after the Juventus CL exit.

Ronaldo publicly expressed his remorse after Juventus was knocked out of the Champions League on Friday and told Andrea Pirlo what to do to improve. He definitely is frustrated at Juventus, with the strikers and midfielders not able to work together to score goals – so the pressure comes on Ronaldo independently, which makes more sense as to why he would move to PSG.

“The 2019-20 season is over for us, much later than usual but yet sooner than we expected,” Ronaldo wrote on Instagram.

“Now it’s time for reflection, time to analyse the ups and downs because critical thinking is the only way to improve.

“A huge club such as Juventus must always think like the best in the world, work like the best in the world, so that we can call ourselves one of the best and biggest clubs in the world.

“Winning the Serie A once again in such a difficult year is something that we are very proud of.

“Personally, scoring 37 goals for Juventus and 11 for the Portuguese national team is something that makes me face the future with renewed ambition and desire to keep doing better and better each year.

“But the fans demand more from us. They expect more from us. And we have to deliver, we must live up to the highest expectations.

“May this short vacation break allow us all to make the best decisions for the future and come back stronger and more committed than ever. See you soon!”

Further, it has been reported that Ronaldo’s agent has started talks with Leonardo, PSG’s Sporting Director.

However, PSG is also running low on funds and affording Ronaldo would take more than just petty cash.

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