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Rui Faria Opens Up On His Decision To Quit Manchester United


Rui Faria has explained why he decided to leave Manchester United.

The long time assistant manager of Jose Mourinho surprised when he made everyone aware of his decision. The 17 years association between Faria and Mourinho came to an end following the completion of the last season as the 43 years old felt it’s the right time to choose his own path after assisting the Portuguese manager.

Faria’s absence may have an immediate impact on the Portuguese manager as the 55 year old has been clearly struggling when it comes to making key decisions. Things are looking messy at the club but Faria seems to have moved on since leaving the post.

he said, “When I left with a heavy heart, I am first speaking of the friendship with Jose, the relationship that, of course, doesn’t finish but it is different.

“My heavy heart was secondly, of course, leaving United leaving all the good people there. I’ve always been a humble person with everybody. I gave everyone respect, from the kitchen people, kitman, medical department, everyone, and I was sad to leave.

“It was not a decision I took overnight, it was a mature decision and I don’t regret it. Life has no rehearsals. You live only once. I was living there every day, maybe more time spent at work than with the family.”


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