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Russia to allow cocaine, cannabis and heroin at World Cup


Yes, you read that right. Russia will allow fans to bring cocaine, cannabis and, heroin in the World Cup matches.

On Tuesday Russia’s 2018 World Cup Organising Committee released a statement confirming that football fans will be allowed to bring cannabis, cocaine and even heroin into events as long as they have the appropriate medical paperwork.

I do not know what kind of paperwork allows anyone to take heroin, come to think of it, I don’t think nobody knows. But a bureaucratic loophole gives foreign travellers the right to carry drugs with the proper prescription papers, once those prescriptions are written in either English or Russian.

The Moscow-based Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), with member states including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, will allow for certain banned narcotics and psychotropic drugs to be brought into the country.

Law enforcement officers working at various checkpoints throughout the country will be verifying the authenticity of the fans’ drug prescriptions.

“Security officers will monitor the enforcement of rules for carrying prescription drugs to stadium grounds at checkpoints,” the committee said Tuesday.

Travellers will be allowed in the country with limited amount of drugs only if they have the “supporting medical documents indicating the name and quantity of goods.”

The full list of substances allowed into Russia during the tournament this summer includes cocaine, codeine, morphine, amphetamines and cannabis.

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