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Ryan Giggs doesn’t want to train today….


Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs is celebrating his 40th birthday today and it appears that the Welshman doesn’t want to turn up to work on this special occasion.

However, it’s not because he wants to spend his birthday with his family and friends at home, oh no, it’s because he is scared of what his team-mates might do to him at the training facility.

The United winger, who proved on Wednesday night that he can still play with the big boys, is continuing to impress everyone with his performances at his age, but today, he revealed that he would much rather stay in bed, than go into work.

‘It is obviously a milestone but I try not to think about it,’ he said.

‘I don’t know if the lads are planning anything – but I’m not going in just in case. I’m going to stay in bed.

‘I’ll be glad when it is over.’

‘If I’d moved from club to club I’d be finished by now,’ he added.

‘I’m lucky that I have been at one club, where I am surrounded by good players. I also have a good manager.

‘I look after myself and try to train every day in order to make myself available for selection.

‘I enjoy it as much as I can, and, of course, try to contribute to the team.’

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt – @AlexsArticles


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