Salomon Rondon Feels Newcastle Need To Dig Deep In Every Match

Newcastle United forward Salomon Rondon has agreed they need to fight every game to keep their hopes alive in the Premier League.

A Rondon brace inspired a second victory for the Magpies inflicting a second defeat on Bournemouth. This win lifted them to the 14th spot in the Premier League table but there is still a long way to go.

Benitez fought hard to bring the player from West Bromwich Albion on loan and the reason is clearly visible. Rondon struggled initially to build up his match fitness but the match against Bournemouth was a clear indication of what could the big Venezuelan do if he remains fit.

Rondon is clearly has a vision of how to step ahead and has advised his teammates to ensure they remain on the right path for the remainder of the season. “We know Watford in the last game, they were doing really, really well in the league, the same as Bournemouth.

“We know this league is difficult, this league is a high level. You have to be ready to fight in every game. We were ready to fight against Bournemouth, we know what we need in the league.

“But the most important thing is we got the three points.”

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