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Sandro rallies team-mates and urges them to ‘save their season’


Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Sandro has urged his team-mates to put together a good winning-streak now in order to save their season.

Spurs have recently lost two home games to West Ham United and Newcastle United, which has stalled their title challenge after what-seemed an impressive start to the 2013/2014 campaign.

Despite strengthening their squad all over the field, Andre Villas-Boas’ men seem to have slowed down in recent weeks and Sandro is concerned that they will fall away from their title rivals if they don’t start winning games back-to-back.

‘I’m very sad. For me, when I lose I feel so bad I go to my home and keep thinking about it. In this international break it will be a hard two weeks. We have to go to Manchester City now and win there.’

‘It’s hard but we have to win something. We have a great team and have to think all the time about winning. A loss at home is difficult and a long wait,’ he said.

‘It is just at the early stages of the season but we have to change to be more strong to win something.  

‘You have to win consecutive matches. Like from now, to win five games consecutively for this dream to come back. This game was s***.’

However, that will be harder than first though as Spurs will travel to Manchester City next weekend and will then host Manchester United the weekend after, but the Brazilian midfielder is still feeling confident.

‘I believe we can win there because if we play well ourselves we can beat any team. We have to try. We are a good team, you can see the players in the team and on the bench.

‘If you see teams in the top four, they win a lot of games in a row, five or more. We still have to do it. We did it last season but drew a lot at the end which made the difference.

‘Now it is the time to go to Manchester City and beat them, then Manchester United, we have to win this game as we lost in this game against Newcastle.

‘Everyone up front has played well but some teams don’t score, then in the next games can score a lot. I think this will change for us. We will score a lot, I hope.’

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt



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