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Santi Cazorla believes Mesut Ozil can ‘mark an era’


Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla believes his team-mate Mesut Ozil could ‘mark an era’ much like Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldinho did before him.

The Spaniard linked up with Ozil for the first time at the weekend during their 4-1 victory over Norwich City and also played together briefly on Tuesday night against Borussia Dortmund, and the two glimpses have bouyed fans for the future.

The former-Real Madrid star has been a real hit at the Emirates Stadium so far this season and Cazorla believes the future is bright for the German.

“We have got to know each other and I have to say that it is very easy to have a good understanding with a great player like him, since our playing philosophy is very similar,” the Spaniard told Arsenal Player.

“As the days go by we have a better association on the pitch. Personally I am very happy to have Mesut as a team-mate. He is a great signing and everyone enjoys the way he plays.

“Mesut is a player of a different kind. He is a joy to watch and has a lot of talent. Like Zidane or Ronaldinho, he can be one of those players who marks an era.

“He is not the kind of player you are used to watching and he can win many games on his own. That’s why he is a top player.”

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt


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