Home Football Sarri expresses disappointment over Napoli away defeat

Sarri expresses disappointment over Napoli away defeat

Sarri expresses disappointment over Napoli away defeat

Juve boss Maurizio Sarri was terribly disappointed with the outcome of the match with Napoli on Monday, with Napoli grabbing a win with a score of 2-1.

“We were passive for the entire match, thought we could play with a slow tempo, taking five touches, always distant between areas, extremely bland,” Sarri told Sky Sport Italia.

“It was a bad game, we had the wrong approach, intensity and psychological interpretation, which was followed by physical interpretation. This cannot be us, evidently.

“We put Napoli into a situation where they only had to do the bare minimum to beat us.

“We were always late to every ball.”

“It was as if we were in slow motion and nothing worked, it was all through the team.”

Despite the loss, Sarri did little to hide the affection he still holds for his home town club, where he spent three seasons in charge before leaving for Chelsea.

“I am happy for the lads, as I will always be fond of them.

“If you have to lose, I guess I’d rather it be here to help Napoli get out of their current problems.

“I’d rather they started winning next week, of course.”

Hopefully, Juventus will try to get their points at their next home game with Fiorentina.


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