Sarri feels his words from post Napoli match have been unfairly pulled up

Sarri feels his words from post Napoli match have been unfairly pulled up

Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri that what he had said post the 2-1 match with Napoli has been exploited and picked up rather explicitly.

The former Napoli boss had said that he was glad to lose out to his old club over any other club – and that sparked a ripple of anger.

“I don’t know about any controversy and it seems strange to me that some phrases have been exploited,” Sarri told a press conference ahead of a Serie A clash with Fiorentina.

“It seems only natural that after working with these guys for three years and they helped me on a journey that would see me arrive at the biggest club in Italy, there is still a fondness and gratitude.

“The fans should be angry because not only did we lose, but we played really badly, which is even worse.”

“Perhaps,” he said. “Although we seem to have overcome that lately. It’s not easy to talk about psychological situations rather than tactical situations.

“I’m not worried about the number of goals we’re conceding. We’ve done better in the Champions League and Coppa Italia than in Serie A, but overall progress is good, even if we know we still have work to do.”

“I have a group of 27 players,” he added. “[Can’s] quality is not up for debate and he will be fundamental in a team that has a different way of playing.

“I didn’t ask for anything in the summer or in January. It’s a strong squad and I have to adapt to their characteristics. I can’t try to revolutionise an entire squad of players.

“My objective for the next couple of months is to make Douglas Costa a key figure behind the strikers. I think he can change the balance of a game from there.”

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