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Sean Dyche Feels Burnley Suffering From Fear


Sean Dyche admits Burnley is suffering as there is a significant amount of fear amongst the squad.

Dyche’s side continued their slide downwards as they succumbed to their second successive defeat in the Premier League against Crystal Palace. James McArthur and Andros Townsend were on target as the Clarets are now languishing at the bottom of the Premier League table.

Burnley finished seventh last season but haven’t been able to sort out the difficulties this season. Despite showing some resilience they have failed to hit the ground as it seems.

Dyche said,  “[Crystal Palace] deserved to win.

“The performance: there was a bit of fear attached to it. The eye of the tiger we had last year – it was a collective unit – has softened quite obviously – and that can happen with tough results.

“There’s a lot of demand on this season, a different kind of demand that is new to the players and new to the club as well.

“I think that that affects the way a group works sometimes, and I think they’ve found a challenge within that. So each game has that bit of trepidation to it and instead of that professional enjoyment that you want from your players, it becomes huff and puff, ‘just get through it’ and that mentality.

“I’ve been through it myself down my career as a player and as a manager as well. To get that eye of the tiger back, it usually – not always – comes from hard work. The reason I say not always is that now and again you get it from a lucky one.

“It’s strange football, you nick a lucky win and all of a sudden it looks different, but you don’t want to rely on them. You want to rely on the good work that the players can do to turn things around.”


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