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Sean Dyche Knows His Burnley Job Is Not Safe


Sean Dyche insists he doesn’t have any clue what his future holds.

With Burnley struggling in the relegation zone Dyche’s future doesn’t seem to be in safe hands. On the back of a successful campaign expectations had been at its peak but the Clarets have failed to replicate their previous season’s performance.

Burnley finished seventh in the Premier League last season and underwent the Europa League qualifiers. They faltered in the final hurdle and it seems they are yet to recover from their early season difficulties.

Dyche has been at Turf Moor for more than six years and it has been a topsy turvy journey so far. But this season the clock is ticking very fast for him and if the results don’t improve the manager might have to lose his job.

“I think there is a bit of reality from the outside, people looking in, but don’t for one minute think I think I’m set in stone here.

“I’m not, eventually people want change. I’ve said it for years here, eventually they will want change, for good or bad reasons. Either I go somewhere else for the reason we’ve been very successful, or we haven’t, and my position changes.

“It’s not something that concerns me. I know the work we put in here and I’m quite pleased, not with results, but the general work, the amount of work my staff and I put in, and the players. If people do question it, that’s the way it goes. They question it on results, not on workload.

“I think the fans have been patient, they have been excellent actually, they know the journey of the club. We’ve got probably 12,000 who were here when I got here and have seen it radically change in six or so years.

“A few have come along the way who have seen, probably, only successful periods. So maybe they are looking at the whole bigger picture, I don’t know. But I totally understand when they do get frustrated.”


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