Sergio Ramos says he received death threats following Salah challenge

Real Madrid and Spain captain Sergio Ramos has revealed that he and his family received death threats after his challenge injured Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final. Salah had to leave the match with a dislocated shoulder and Ramos’ challenge was discussed for quite some time with many criticising the Spaniard for it.

Ramos earlier said that he had no intentions to injure Salah and he felt no guilt about the challenge. Ahead of England’s Nations League match against Spain, Ramos said it did not bother him if he would receive a negative reception from the spectators due to that challenge.

Sergio Ramos said, “I would have liked another reception because people only remember the action of the final, and nobody remembers the death threats that my family and my children received. It is a very sensitive issue that people maybe take as a joke about and [that’s why they] whistle in a great stadium like this. My conscience is very clear. I already explained [what happened], and I do not have to give more explanations.

You never expect a reception that is not good because, as I said the other day, if these [English] fans have something good, it is that they have always been with the great players. It has not been like that, but I am very calm, with my conscience very clear in that aspect.

As I said before, I have never tried to hurt a colleague. There are people who may have misunderstood it, but these are football things. It will not change anything in my game or in me.”

Ramos captained Spain to a 2-1 victory against England at Wembley. This is a good start to Luis Enrique’s stint as Spain manager. Spain’s next Nations League encounter is against World Cup runners-up Croatia at Elche on Tuesday.

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