Six reasons why Chelsea won the league

We look into what helped Chelsea storm the Premier League

It was never in question was it? Chelsea Football Club to win the 2014/2015 Premier League and in reality, they won it at a canter thanks to six certain points.

After being confirmed champions the other week after a win over Crystal Palace, Jose Mourinho guided Chelsea to their fifth league title and we thought we’d take a deeper look into why they won the title.

Here are the six reasons we have behind their Premier League title-winning squad.

6. Outstanding Defence

6 reason why chelsea will win the premier league

Chelsea Football Club have got the best defenders in the Premier League from right-back to left-back.

Branislav Ivanovic has somehow been converted into a right-back and despite not having the usual build for a full-back, he has somehow turned into the best in the Premier League. The Serb has provided Chelsea with goals and assists in crucial games as well as being a rock at the back.

Gary Cahill and John Terry in the heart of the back-line. Easily the best centre-back pairing and probably the two best in the league. A strong understanding and a blend of abilities has made them unbreakable.

Cesar Azpilicueta has continued to develop and just like Ivanovic, he’s doing it out of position. The Spaniard arrived at Stamford Bridge as a right-back, but he’s now seen as Ashley Cole’s replacement on the other side of the defence.

The fact Chelsea then have Kurt Zouma and Filipe Luis waiting in the wings is also telling to their squad.

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