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SkySports asked four pundits who will finish top four | This was their response


Charlie Nicholas’s top four prediction

I have to say it’s getting tremendously interesting, if a bit tense for me. Arsenal always seem to do this and then end up in the top four. Yes, they are out of the title race now but I thought they were before the weekend.

As the form stands right now it’s obviously Chelsea, then Manchester City with the new superstar Gabriel Jesus, even if they still look susceptible at the back. Is he the replacement for Sergio Aguero? He is certainly providing the goals at the moment.

Then I think Spurs will be in the top four. I’m not like some Arsenal fans in focusing on finishing above Spurs though. You don’t get prizes for finishing above your rivals unless they finish second.

I think Liverpool have been sussed out and just aren’t good enough at the back and I’m still not convinced United really have the right ingredients. They have improved and they were very good against Leicester but there’s other times they haven’t been quite as fluent.

I’m going to stick with the current four but I have to admit I’m really, really sketchy about Arsenal falling out. If I’m being honest with myself then Arsenal are in real danger.

Charlie predicts: Chelsea 1st, Manchester City 2nd Tottenham 3rd, Arsenal 4th


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